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Social media comes to NSW classrooms

Public school teachers in New South Wales will now be able to access social media sites in working hours.

The NSW Department of Education has lifted a longstanding ban on social networking sites – including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter – in a bid to keep the classroom relevant.

NSW Teachers Federal president Bob Lipscombe asserted that social media sites can be an important educational tool.

"Clearly it's one of the major ways in which young people communicate these days with each other and interact with the broader community," he commented.

Furthermore, it is important for pupils to learn about appropriate social networking use, as well as strategies for staying safe online.

The new social media policy, which also includes the use of YouTube clips as teaching aids, has been designed to help pupils and teachers address strategies for preventing cyber-bullying and protecting their online reputations.

Social media sites could help pupils keep up with important current events in real-time and enhance the curriculum.

The launch of the space shuttle Endeavour in Florida today (April 29) is set to be covered by 150 specially-selected Twitter followers in a 'tweetup' at the Kennedy Space Center and could give pupils a more personal experience of the excitement.