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Social media a threat to news reporting? [VIDEO]


Hi there. Let’s take a quick look at what’s been happening in the exciting world of content marketing down under recently.

Social media has become a vital tool for many journalists, but not everyone in the industry is singing its praises. The Australian newspaper, for example, came out with an editorial piece this week attacking journalists who it argued rely too heavily on Twitter to research their stories.

The paper said the “mad plunge into social media driven journalism” was “dangerous to the future of news reporting”.

But the article attracted plenty of criticism from journos, including some former contributors to The Australian, who rather fittingly took to Twitter to attack the paper’s stance.

In other Twitter news, former prime minister Kevin Rudd tweeted his 1.4 million followers that he would be quitting politics.

Rudd reclaimed the Labor leadership shortly before this year’s election, but was unable to prevent his party suffering a heavy defeat to Tony Abbott’s Coalition.