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Social media: Giving your company a ‘voice’ online

If you want to create further engagement with your customers, capture their attention with Facebook campaigns. If you want to generate conversation with your target audience post a tweet!

Social media offers companies the ability to establish and share their 'voice' with millions of people, not only in their local markets, but around the world.

With the growth of e-commerce, there's no better time than now to build your company's presence online and draw followers to your social media pages.

Here are some key ways that you can establish your voice.

Find your focus

What is it that you ultimately want to achieve with your social media strategy? Do you want to create better customer engagement? How about becoming the go-to source for news and trends in your sector?

In order to find your voice, you have to create one main focus of your strategy. Once you've nailed this down, you can shape your social media activities around this.

If you want to engage customers, find out what interests them and the type of content they are most interested in. You may find that they love humourous image-based posts or that they prefer a 'straight' professional approach with infographics, new research and reputable article links.

Pick your personality – and stick with it!

Do you want to establish your company as easygoing with a penchant for humour? Or as an industry thoughtleader that is always up to date with the comings and goings of a particular industry?

Once you've shaped your company's personality, make sure to stick with it to avoid any confusion, and to keep the followers you've gained engaged.

Be consistent

A lot of us don't deal well with change when it comes, and this can be the same with social media.

Keep your voice the same on each of your platforms, whether it be Google Plus, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Your followers will have grown accustomed to your company voice and your content. So remember: Be consistent!

Posted by April Revake.