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Social media is over? We don’t think so!

When actor (and 2011 Oscar co-host) James Franco declared the death of social media this week, a few eyebrows went up in the Castleford Media office.

Franco, whose live tweets during this year's Academy Awards created a bit of a stir, has set his Twitter account to private and told reporters he plans to scale down his presence on the micro-blogging site.

"Social media is over. Still up there. Going down. You heard it here first," he told Politico.

We're not exactly sure where Franco is getting his information – here in Australia, social media sites are going from strength to strength.

Facebook is currently the most-visited site Down Under, with 9.8 million unique Australian users on the site in February alone. Twitter is also gaining in popularity, with more than 1.1 million Aussies currently micro-blogging in 140 characters or less.

With so many Australians on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites – YouTube videos, Blogspot blogs, Tumblr, Chatroulette and all count too – you may find these platforms provide an important way to reach out to your target audience.

We particularly love the Old Spice campaign we tweeted about yesterday – their marketing team is working hard to produce personal (and hilarious) custom video replies to tweets, as well as comments posted on Facebook and YouTube.

Engaging and fresh content is key to social media success – and with so much creativity out there, we don't expect this phenomenon to be "over" anytime soon.