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Social media largely used in workplace to connect with coworkers – survey

Checking up on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter during work hours is common says a survey, with around 75 per cent of employees accessing social media from personal mobile devices at work.

The new research from SilkRoad Technology found that the top reason why employees used social sites at work was most interestingly to connect with co-workers.

This was followed by employees accessing social media for a fun, social platform to connect with others and then employees wanting to connect with customers.

"Employees will use social media during the workday.  These findings make it clear: companies can either find ways to use social media to achieve measurable business results, or they can ignore it at their own peril," said chief executive officer of SilkRoad Technology Flip Filipowski.

"There is a common misperception that people only use social media for personal reasons.  This research proves that people are looking to social media to help them be better at their jobs – including connecting with coworkers and customers."

The use of social media with customers is huge in the marketing aspect, where the need to be savvy with these social networking platforms is important to any content marketing strategy.

The most accessed social media website identified by the research was Twitter at 70 per cent. This was followed by Facebook and LinkedIn, with company intranet falling behind at 19 per cent.

Some employees do not allow the use of social media at the workplace, and will block access from sites on computers. This however may not affect staff use of social sites with 60 per cent of workers saying they check their personal social media more than once a day on their mobile devices.

SilkRoad says the findings show that a company's approach to access wasn't related to employees' use of their personal social media, where the use of mobile devices to check these pages is expected to "explode" in the next few years.

Posted by April Revake.