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Social media marketing for upcoming election

The United States recently held its presidential election, with Barack Obama's victory yielding the most "liked" photo on Facebook – ever.

And it is very clear that social media will play a real role in Australia's election this year, with the date firmly set in stone yesterday (January 30).

Speaking to the press gallery, prime minister Julia Gillard announced that Saturday September 14 will be the date when the public decides.

Given the rate at which Twitter has expanded and how much smart phones are now a part of everyday life – social media marketing will play an even greater role than it has in past elections.

It's important to note that posts from Julia Gillard herself are signed with a JG, ones without that signature are from her staff.

Her speech was followed by a series of tweets in which her PR team listed her government's plan to address the nation's needs for the coming years.

Twelve tweets were sent within a 60-minute period yesterday, as a result of announcing the date of the election.

Federal opposition leader and potential future prime minister Tony Abbott, in response to the announcement, posted a single tweet saying Australians would have a clear choice for the country's future.

However, he also posted links to his government website, which held the transcript of his response speech.

It's interesting how the two leaders use it – with team Gillard posting tiny excerpts of her speech, while team Abbott use it to post links to where the big speech is.

A Liberal Party senator from Western Australia, Mathias Cormann, took a different approach tweeting his grievances with the government – five in a single hour.

Tony Abbott, who launched his mini-campaign last week, has taken to YouTube with the Liberal Party's channel, posting his television commercial outlining his plan for the future.

Posted by Tim Wright