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Social media marketing tips for small businesses

A social media marketing strategy is a way for any business to expand its reach and develop a connection with potential clients and customers.

Be sure to think about your target audience – this is hugely important.

Content for social media can be brilliant but if it's not tailored to the audience in an effort to broaden your reach, then you could be missing out on opportunities to expand.

In addition to this, develop fresh content that doesn't look too promotional. This may be a hard task to master, but content which is associated with your business yet doesn't directly advertise can be a great way to draw in people.

Don't be afraid to try multiple platforms as part of your approach – Facebook campaigns and Twitter campaigns are both effective. Don't just post the same content on both sites because better results can be achieved through a more diverse strategy. A Facebook post can be longer and say more, while Twitter should be more snappy – Twitter posts are also known as "micro-blogging".

Furthermore, regular content is much more appreciated by users than sporadic posting – just think about the Twitter feeds that you follow, the celebrities that post more often are usually more viewed than those who simply do so rarely.

A clear-cut example is Jim Parsons – one of the central characters of sitcom The Big Bang Theory. While his account is still active, he hasn't posted in roughly six months and this is reflected in his number of followers, just over 83,000.

His co-star Kaley Cuoco is known to post multiple times a day and her followers are reaching the 1.2 million mark.

It shows that regular updates draw in viewers as they enjoy regular, original content.

Posted by Tim Wright