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Social media mistakes your company should avoid

Anybody who's anybody has a social media marketing strategy, but the fact is that getting it wrong could do more harm than good for your business.

The content you put on social networking sites needs to be given as much thought as any other aspect of your company, otherwise it's unlikely to reap the results you want.

We've put together some common mistakes that you should be looking to avoid through your social media strategy.

Letting your accounts manage themselves

As with any other area of marketing, social media needs time dedicated to it for it to be a success.

Giving either an individual or a group of people the specific role of regularly updating social networking sites will help ensure this part of your campaign isn't neglected.

Bombarding fans and followers with posts

Although it is important to maintain your brand's presence, posting too frequently on the likes of Facebook and Twitter will be a turn-off for your fans and followers.

Impose a strict limit on the number of posts you make each day and you will find that people stay much more loyal.

Not responding to comments

One of the main advantages of social media is that it provides an interactive platform – so use it to your advantage!

Whenever someone comments on a post or puts forward a query, make sure you respond, otherwise you're not using social networking sites to their full potential.

Being unprofessional

Although social media may seem like a more informal marketing channel, this doesn't mean that it should reflect negatively on your brand's reputation.

Many companies operate social media policies to make sure their staff are professional on these sites – don't be afraid to implement this as part of your own marketing strategy.

Posted by Emma Furze