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Social media savvy: know your market

Social media has an important role to play in a comprehensive online marketing strategy – but many marketers may place an exaggerated emphasis on social networking sites.

While Twitter and Facebook are often highlighted as essential tools for businesses looking to build an online presence, a new survey suggests that most marketers do not have a strong understanding of how social media sites should be used and tracked.

Chris Tew, a web measurement expert with Alterian, told The Australian that as many as seven out of ten marketers do not know how to track social media conversations, even though the majority of those who were surveyed planned to increase their digital budgets in the coming year.

He reminded marketers that while the effective use of social media sites can help an online marketing campaign, it is important to remember your wider audience.

“The demographic of people who use Twitter is not a good cross-section of Australia,” he commented.

Instead, you may wish to opt for a more inclusive marketing strategy that incorporates relevant, fresh content – such as a blog, articles or landing pages – to appeal to the broadest segment of your target audience.

And for those who have a comprehensive social media strategy, you can always link to your new content using your company’s Twitter or Facebook pages – using it to direct your fans and followers back to your website.