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Social media skills vital for businesses

Do you think your company's content marketing and social media strategy is up to standard?

You've got Facebook campaigns that are constantly monitored, you always aim to post fresh and original content, and you reply to all the customer Tweets on your account – but is this all really enough to make your content strategy a success?

An e-book from Chief Outsiders has shared a number of social media skills – detailed in a study by Roland Deiser and Sylvain Newton – that are needed by a leader to "effectively engage" an entire company in the communications environment of today.

"I need to emphasize that companies that develop a communications strategy today built for tomorrow need to engage the entire leadership team in the process as ambassadors and active participants," the e-book, What Successful Companies Know About Social Media Communications Strategy That You May Not, stresses.

It's important that senior management teams get in on the communications process too and actively engage with the systems.

Chief Outsiders mentions in their report that Virgin Group founder and chairman Richard Branson has his own Twitter account, from which he Tweets everyday, having 2.8 million followers.

One of the social media skills mentioned by Chief Outsiders is to be a producer of compelling content.

Re-hashing something that has already been shared thousands of times is more likely to get scrolled over rather than liked, re-tweeted or even properly glimpsed at.

Try to approach a popular topic that is currently making its rounds in the social media realm with a fresh angle, to gauge interest from your followers.

Another important social media skill was to work as an analyst, making sure your business stays "ahead of the curve".

Again, work on making your own path rather than just leeching off what is trending at the time on social media.

Original and fresh content is the way to go when posting on your social media platforms.

Posted by April Revake.