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Social media statistics for 2012

As it is now 2013, there are some interesting statistics that social media has produced in the last 12 months – including president Obama's victory Facebook post garnering four million 'likes'.

The Huffington Post has collected data from a variety of sources to produce statistics on what happened in 2012 with social media.

In regards to how Facebook is used by businesses and other entities, there are one million websites that have integrated their site with the social networking giant. Showing just how crucial it is to have a social media strategy, 80 per cent of users find connecting with a brand through Facebook the more preferable option.

From a personal standpoint, 210,000 years of music has been played on Facebook while a quarter of users don't bother to check their privacy settings. People who log into their account five times a day or more make up 23 per cent of all account holders.

Since its inception, Twitter has seen 163 billion tweets – a statistic which is constantly changing as is evidenced by the fact that it now just takes a week for users to rack up one billion postings.

It seems that businesses are ignoring a valuable resource of customer feedback, with 56 per cent of tweets to companies from customers not being recognised.

Google's attempts to attract more people to its social media branch, Google+ are clearly working. Over 600,000 people are joining the network every day while the "+1" button is hit five million times a day.

Instagram has certainly proved to be a dominant player in the world of social media, with over five million photos uploaded every day.

Pinterest is also gaining traction with visitors to the site growing by 2702.2 per cent since May 2011. The family aspect of the site is quite evident as 50 per cent of users have children.

By Tim Wright