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Social media: The new way to say ‘I do’

Nowadays people share almost everything on social media, from photos of their latest trip abroad to their favourite new music video, or the “amazing” breakfast they had this morning.

Because social media has such a major impact on the way we communicate with one another, people are naturally turning to these social platforms to celebrate their big day.

From sparkly new engagement rings to bridesmaids dresses and heart-shaped cupcakes, brides-to-be (and the occasional groom, of course) are turning to social media to share every aspect of their weddings.

Down here in Australia, the average wedding costs a whopping $36,200, according to MoneySmart, so there is huge potential here for those in the wedding business to make the most of social media marketing.

Mashable recently partnered up with The Knot to survey some happy couples about their passionate relationship with social media.

The social media addiction is apparent straight away, with 28 per cent of brides saying they updated their engagement status within hours of the proposal, while 24 per cent said they did so within the next day.

The same goes for the wedding itself. While only 15 per cent of the couples said they changed their status on the big day, 33 per cent did so the day after.

Many couples are incorporating social media into the wedding itself, with 55 per cent saying they used a wedding hashtag. A further 20 per cent encouraged their friends to do so as well.

While some brides and grooms are comfortable sharing their newfound happiness across every channel of social media, others have a more controlled approach.

The survey found that 31 per cent of couples are going so far as restricting guests from sharing their wedding details like photos on social media, while a further 35 per cent said they have mixed feeling about sharing on the big day.

But people are using social media for more than just bragging about their happy day.

These sites are popular for sharing wedding ideas, or looking for new ones.

In fact, the survey found 89 per cent of couples are making use of wedding apps to aid them in their planning.

With this flurry of brides and grooms scouting social media, there is a door wide open here for marketers.

The study found that 29 per cent of engaged couples follow vendors on Facebook, and 46 per cent said they were influenced by at least one of the vendors they followed.

In Australia, there are around 120,000 marriages registered every year, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, so designing a content strategy aimed at reaching this audience is definitely a good idea.

Posted by Dylan Brown