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Social media usage in business during 2013

If you are a Facebook or Twitter user then you may be interested to know it has been predicted that such use will become a productive work tool.

Writing for Forbes, chief executive of HootSuite Ryan Holmes said businesses will develop their own social media strategy to streamline their productivity in 2013.

A McKinsey Global Institute report has shown there is $1.3 trillion lying in social media.

Utilising such technology means departments can communicate better and collaboration can take place and make use of the vast wealth that exists in this untapped medium.

There are projections that social media will overtake email as a productivity tool and will slowly be accepted as a serious method for conducting business.

Holmes noted that with the introduction of instant messaging and wikis in the office place, it has slowly replaced the need for email. And while it is still useful for one on one, formal interaction – the immediacy and convenience of other methods of communication is causing the decline of electronic mail.

Online collaboration will be the name of the game next year, with Yammer and Chatter making themselves a staple of companies, allowing for work groups online to create a virtual message board system.

Big companies like Gatorade currently employ people to monitor social media to understand the unprecedented amounts of data that the medium provides. The technology that those companies use to break down the information will be streamlined in the coming year and smaller businesses will be able to do the same in a more accessible manner.

With so many businesses turning to social media, a litigious nightmare can present itself.

Companies that are privy to sensitive information often need be careful about what employees post. As a result, many sectors archive each and every work-related social media update for three years.

In 2013, businesses will be adapting to management systems that not only easily archive data but have online seminars dedicated to training staff about protocols specific to their industry.

Posted by Tim Wright