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Social media, videos and interactive content – changing the news game

The Daily – News Corporation's exclusive iPad-only digital newspaper – has been grabbing headlines left, right and centre in the past few days.

You'll remember from last week's post that Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch predicted The Daily to be an industry-leading success, claiming that the iPad's advertising appeal and comparatively low cost base make this publication stand ahead of the competition.

However, the reviews of the digital publication have been swirling around the web for several days – and while the battle between free and paid content rages on, it is even more fascinating to see how we have raised our expectations when it comes to online news.

In the case of The Daily, audio versions of the articles are available for commuters in cars, while embedded video and 360-degree panoramic photos add new depth to the traditional newspaper format.

But some reviewers have claimed that The Daily offers limited opportunities for engaging with social media content.

The social media issue is an important one. In our digital age, simply reading the stories may no longer be enough – consumers want to engage with the content by voting in polls, linking to articles they like (or don't like) on Facebook and Twitter, using their blogs to comment on stories, watching videos and even clicking on related links to read more about similar issues.

Readers are also looking out for fresh, regularly-updated articles, an easy-to-navigate layout and a good mix of content.

The right balance of information, media platforms and opportunities for sharing and interaction could improve audience engagement – an essential for any growing organisation.