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Social Spending: 3 in 10 online shoppers make purchase based on social media ad

It’s normal practice now for companies to employ a social media strategy to get the best out of their online marketing activities, with Twitter and Facebook campaigns often used to push these initiatives.

Recent findings from market and opinion research firm Ipsos revealed three in ten online consumers have purchased a product or service based mostly on an ad they saw on a social media site (35 per cent) or on a post viewed on a social media site (31 per cent).

This research was carried out on 18,150 respondents across 24 countries including Australia, China, Turkey, Brazil, United States, Great Britain, Germany, France and Spain.

Online users in Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and India had the highest proportions of people making purchase decisions based mostly on social media.

Those aged under 35 were most likely to have purchased a product based on a social ad they saw (40 per cent) compared to those aged 35-49 (34 per cent) and 50-64 (26 per cent).

Ipsos states that income also appeared to be an influencing factor with those with higher income more likely to be influenced (36 per cent, 32 per cent) compared to those with low income (33 per cent, 29 per cent).

Here are some ways you can boost your brand and product on the top social media sites.


Twitter offers a range of features that allow you to specifically target your audience and drive engagement.

Companies are able to target their tweets by audience, geographical location, interest and gender. They can also take advantage of promoted accounts, promoted tweets and trends.


Facebook offers businesses the opportunity to create ads that will garner more page likes, promote page posts, get new users, target the right audience and deliver measurable results.

There’s also the ability to have some degree of personalisation in your ads by including an image with your ads.

Posted by April Revake.