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Sony releases SmartWatch

If you are an Android user you can now update Facebook campaigns, send Tweets, check the weather and much more – all from your wrist.

The SmartWatch was released by Sony last week and can be synced with your Android phone via Bluetooth, so that you can view all your latest messages and notifications with a simple glance at your watch.

According to Sony Mobile Communications customer unit president Paul Hamnett, it is a great tool for busy people who need quick and easy access to technology.

"Designed to break free from the single screen experience, SmartWatch provides access to live content and entertainment on the go," he said on April 12. 

It also syncs with your Google Play apps – meaning that you can do things such as control music and track your workouts.

"SmartWatch is the first of many Smart Extras that seamlessly connect and expand the smartphone's reach and user experience," added Mr Hamnett.

However there's a time and a place for being instantly connected – with a watch like this, how will we ever get a break from the constant flow of fresh content from social media sites and the like?

According to Sony, the watch – valued at a US$149 – does simply tell the time too.

"With just a tap, touch and swipe, SmartWatch turns from a watch displaying the time to a remote information center for your Android smartphone," Sony said in a statement.

The new product can currently be purchased online and is available in a range of different colours other than black, including pink and blue.

Those interested in this may also want to follow Google's Project Glass – the search giant plans to transfer smartphone capabilities to your spectacles, adding a whole new dimension to instant access.

Posted by Jess O'Connor