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From Spongebob to property guru – assistant editor James Beavis reveals all

James Beavis is a famous face here at the Castleford Auckland office. Not only is he one of our talented assistant editors, he’s a downright chameleon when it comes to subject matter expertise – he started as our property and finance guru, and has gone on to become the go-to authority on more unique subjects than a set of Encyclopaedia Britannicas.

And when JB isn’t managing his team or teaching new writers how to be a chameleon like him, he’s finding quirky ways to write about important topics, working to improve our department, and playing footy with the Castleford team.

We caught up with James recently to learn more about where he’s come from and what he’s learned.

What did you do before you worked at Castleford?

If you ask my parents, I used to be a spy – a misconception that’s given me a lot of social media bio material. Really, I worked in Wellington as a broadcast monitor, listening to Australian radio and writing summaries in real time to be sent to clients that ranged from energy drink brands to the office of the prime minister.

Before that I LARPed as Spongebob at Burger Wisconsin Brooklyn, and before that it’s basically working in video stores and wineries. I got paid to write about dogs on TV for The Spinoff once, which technically qualifies as the Best Job I Ever Had (sorry Castleford).

So why make the shift to Castleford all those years ago?

Short answer: The speed at which I burned through my savings during my first month in Auckland.

But seriously, it’s pretty hard to say no to the concept of paid to write when you’ve spent your early 20s being a self-important “music writer”. I came to the Auckland job search looking for anything involving writing, and Castleford scratches that itch … significantly! The idea of being paid to write is difficult to resist, and the ‘Fordian staff I met during my interview were absolutely the people I wanted to work for.

If you could sum up your life as an assistant editor in a haiku, what would that haiku be?

What is the deal with

subject matter expertise?

Time for a smoke break.

Alright property guru, let’s test your knowledge – what’s the first rule of buying a new house?


There are  Kiwisaver funds that have had year-on-year returns of 12-15 per cent over the last five to 10 years, and are managed by people who know what they’re doing.

But if you really do want a place to call your own and have the means to buy, then I guess my first rule would be to anticipate changes in school zones and buy to fit in the zone for the school you want. Also, know that I am jealous of you, your money, and your ability to buy a house…

What’s the first thing you’d do if you were crowned Ruler of Earth tomorrow?

Pay Rihanna whatever it takes to take a break from Fenty products and get back in the studio. Or give Andrew Little whatever he needs to overhaul NZ’s prison system. He has great ideas and they’ll benefit everyone!

If you’re crowned Ruler of Earth … can we keep our jobs? Asking for a friend

Yes. But if you were on a first-name basis with the newly-crowned Ruler of Earth, why would you want to stay in a 9-5?


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