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Spoof ad for next Pope appears on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has no doubt seen its popularity surge over recent years, but this week the site has grabbed the headlines for quite a different reason.

As cardinals gathered in Vatican City to elect the next Pope, a spoof ad for the position appeared on the website.

It asked for applicants who are looking for that "next big challenge in their life", as they will be responsible for leading 1.2 billion people all over the world.

Further details suggest that the successful applicant will be given a "competitive salary" as well as "plenty of opportunities to travel" – not the mention use of the Popemobile.

On the down side, the ad perhaps unsurprisingly says that the new Pontiff will be expected to work on Sundays and that the job should be seen as one for life.

The ad has since been taken down from LinkedIn, but no doubt led to an increase in traffic as the spoof attracted attention from all over the world.

Of course, stunts such as this are hardly new – similar pranks have been pulled before as publicity stunts.

However, with a sound content marketing strategy in place, you shouldn't need to resort to shock tactics to bring people to your page – the quality of your content needs to speak for itself.

LinkedIn gives your business a real opportunity to establish relationships and build upon them, which is certainly valuable in competitive markets!

You can even share fresh content with specific groups by using the Targeted Status Update feature, making sure that people remember your company and can learn from it.

Remember that a sign of good content is when it is shared by your followers, so it just goes to show that with a well thought out content strategy, you can drum up interest in your brand without resorting to shock tactics!

Posted by Emma Furze