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Steps to boosting your social media strategy

Social media is all about growth and change, with new functions and features being introduced to help improve users' experiences and bring marketers closer to their consumers.

If your company is still going by a social media strategy that was designed a year or two ago, it's likely that you're not getting the best results possible.

The strategies that may have worked a year ago are likely to have become less relevant, with social media users becoming more mobile (internet use with tablets and mobiles) and video apps picking up in popularity (video on Instagram and Vine).

Take a look at your social media or content marketing strategy today and make use of these tips and updates.

'More effective campaigns' with Ads Manager updates

Facebook announced on June 19 that they had made updates to their Page Insights tool, providing more insights about the people that interact with your page content.

They've also announced yesterday (June 16) updates to Ads Manager, which will allow for real-time reach insights, enhanced audience demographics and more flexibility.

Marketers can now more easily customise their ad reports, choosing the Facebook ad metrics they want to use in these. This means they can get all the data they need in one place.

Other updates include the ability to more effectively measure reach and break down ad, campaign and account performance by age, gender, country or placement.

Instagram video

Riding on the success of short-video apps such as Vine, Instagram revealed that they had released their own video feature on June 20.

Instagram users can now film up to fifteen seconds of video for Instagram, with the option of thirteen filters especially designed for video.

If your company has an Instagram account, you may find making videos a creative new way to make compelling content and capture your audience.

Posted by April Revake.