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Stretch and flex time in Sydney

If you’re going to be awesome at content marketing, you have to be in good shape. So, here at Castleford we take our stretching pretty seriously.

Daily stretch time is led by Liam Carnahan, one of  our talented and hard-working content marketing strategists. We managed to catch Liam between stretching and strategising for a quick Q&A:

Group stretching is a great idea. Did you come up with it or did someone volunteer you to take the lead?

I’ve written quite a few articles that touch on the dangers of spending all day seated at your desk, hunched over a computer screen, so it’s always something that’s been on my radar. I brought this up during our most recent health and safety meeting, and Kate decided it was a good idea and that I would be the perfect leader for the task. I wasn’t sure I agreed with her assessment, but I guess that’s why Kate’s the boss, because it’s been a roaring success!!

Do you think it’s had a positive impact?

Absolutely! Many people in the office have remarked on how it makes them feel fitter and more focused / energised. We scheduled it to happen right around 3pm, when many of us are feeling a slump after lunch and our busy mornings. It’s not only had a physical impact on the office, but it also acts as a nice bonding experience. We usually play some fun 80s or 90s tunes and chat a bit while we stretch for 8 minutes, which gives us a break and a chance to take a few deep breaths and relax before getting back to our work.

Are you expecting the Auckland office to follow Sydney’s lead?

I’m not going to say I “expect Auckland to follow Sydney’s lead”, but I will say that if I don’t see some stretching happening across the ditch, I’ll be more than a little disappointed.

Who requires the most badgering to take part?

Surprisingly, no one!! Everyone here in Sydney is participating not just willingly, but with enthusiasm. We all have a reminder set to go off right at 2:52, and we start drumming up excitement when we get the 10-minute warning on our calendars. There are a few folks who seem to have really embraced stretch time, including Kate, Blair, Sandra, Kelly and Eliana. Unfortunately, Rob seems to think it’s appropriate to do his stretching in the confines of his own office, but we’re working on bringing him out with the rest of the group!!

Who will deputise for you if you’re out of the office at stretch time and do they get a headband?

This has already happened once, and Blair rose to the challenge. Word around the office is that his stretching was unique and even a bit more invigorating than mine!! When asked if he would don my headband the next time I was out of the office, Blair replied, “I’ve got my own headband.”

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