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Styling your social media strategy after president Obama’s

US president Barack Obama has made his state of the union address – the first address for his second term as the most powerful man in the world.

And while he was delivering the address, his communications people were using Twitter to explain to his 27 million followers how the plans would affect them.

In conjunction with his speech, at least 20 tweets were posted which discussed varying issues – ranging from gun control to jobs.

And it wasn't just the White House who was discussing the address – 1.36 million tweets were posted on the hashtag #SOTU.

The main source of conversation was the middle-class and the minimum wage when at 21:52 (American Eastern Standard Time) the number of tweets peaked at approximately 24,000 per minute.

At the conclusion of the speech, secretary of education Arne Duncan invited questions onto his feed #AskArne.

This is an example of how an organisation can utilise a tool like Twitter to reach out to an audience to engage, stimulate conversation and spark debate.

While the organisation happens to be the government of the world's biggest superpower – the principle of a social media strategy can be applied to a small business.

By delivering the long state of the union address in small pieces on social media, it is getting around the fact that the public finds quick, instant bits of information much more palatable.

The Wall Street Journal referred to Obama's social media blitz as a way to "amplify his message" and it is clear that Facebook campaigns and Twitter campaigns can do such a thing.

By promoting your message through social media and by engaging users through regular, fresh content – you attract users and grow your brand.

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Posted by Tim Wright