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Super Bowl is super news for social media

One of the most celebrated annual sporting events took place today, with the New York Giants competing against the New England Patriots in the 46th NFL Super Bowl in Indianapolis, Indiana.

While the championship game was expected to attract upwards of 110 million viewers, many international fans were taking to social media for score updates and live commentary.

Relevant Twitter hashtags such as SB46, Giants, Tom Brady, Eli Manning and MVP were among the top trending topics in Australia – despite the game being broadcasted at 10:30 ADST.

Many NFL players also took to the social media platform in the days leading up to the game, including Giants defensive tackle Chris Canty tweeting a score prediction of "Giants 28, New England 17" when asked by a follower on Sunday.

Indianapolis-based digital marketing firm Raidious was handling the official social media communications, with a 46-strong squad uploading Super Bowl coverage across Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube.

"We saw a way Indianapolis could take things to next level in terms of how we use social media to deliver a great visitor experience," Raidious chief executive officer Taulbee Jackson told ESPN (February 5).

"If they're online talking about anything about this [Super Bowl experience], we're able to determine that and respond to them."

The on-field play wasn't the only topic of conversation across the social media platforms – television commercials from brands such as Doritos, Honda and Coco-Cola also attracted significant attention.

However, on the day much of the Twitter activity was regarding Madonna's halftime performance – in which 10,245 tweets per second were recorded.

Alec Baldwin claimed: "Two quarters of Super Bowl and the strongest performer is Madonna…"

The final quarter of the game saw a new Twitter record set – 12,233 tweets per second sent – up from last year's achievement of 4,064 tweets per second.

Posted by Elise Ferrari