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SURVEY: AU and NZ decision makers back content marketing

Australia and New Zealand’s marketing decision makers are ready to throw their support behind content marketing, according to our new survey.

Three quarters of respondents to our Content Marketing Survey May 2014 said C-level executives in their organisations were either “positive” or “very positive” about content marketing.

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Furthermore, when it came to the hurdles businesses faced, resistance from their higher-ups barely registered as more and more senior figures within Aussie and Kiwi companies identify content as a vital tool for reaching out to and engaging their target audiences.

With this strong support from their bosses, it was little surprise to see that only a small minority of respondents expected the time and resources allocated to content marketing to reduce in the next 12 months.

But while content marketing is attracting plenty of interest, Australia and New Zealand remain relatively under-developed markets compared to the UK and the US. Only 18% of our survey participants had an employee or colleague with “content” or “content marketing” in their job title and only 52% had a company blog.

“What’s really interesting about this market is that you have some early adopters, who are already employing a wide range of content from different types of editorial through to graphics and video. However, there remains a significant proportion of businesses who aren’t blogging regularly, which is usually one of the first steps,” said Kate Davidson, Castleford Media’s commercial director.

“The biggest surprise for me was video. It was one of the most popular predictions when we asked about the future of content marketing, but more significantly almost half of our respondents said they were already investing in it.

“I think that’s really exciting because there are some great opportunities to differentiate your content marketing with video. That will be the real challenge as popular verticals become crowded with more and more branded content. Cutting through the noise is the holy grail of content marketing.”

Our Content Marketing Survey May 2014 canvassed the opinions of marketers and decision makers during March and April this year. You can download the full report here.