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Survey finds 22% of companies are without a social media strategy

The latest research from global public relations and government relations company Grayling, has found that 22 per cent of 'leading communications heads' who took part in a global survey have admitted to having no social media strategy.

We now live in a world where social media is often a key part in many people's interaction with each other and also in their consumption activities, purchasing clothes, electronics, food and other items online.

Having a social media marketing plan is essential for companies in this age, with the amount of engagement that consumers have with online activities through their home computers, smartphones and tablets indicating the potential interest they could gather with a social media presence.

The study surveyed over 1,000 leading communications and marketing directors, finding that only 39 per cent of companies with a social media strategy said that it was integrated in their broader communications strategy.

The amount of participation from company chief executive officers were quite low, with only 23 per cent participating in company social media – via Twitter, blog or other platform – and 44 per cent not having any involvement at all in the company's social media presence.

Grayling's global head of social media said: "It seems remarkable that 22 per cent  of  the companies we surveyed have no social media strategy whatsoever whilst at the opposite end of the scale 71 per cent  have a strategy and are getting under the skin of the reputational challenges of social media."

"What does that mean for the 'have nots'? Only time will tell if their lack of digital voice will negatively impact on their business but why are they even waiting to find out? It seems like a huge risk to take."

The most common objectives that were identified in a company's digital strategy were awareness (22.1 per cent) and improved reputation (21.4 per cent). This was followed by an 'increase in sales' (11 per cent) and 'customer service' (10 per cent).

The Technology, Media & Telecommunications sector was identified as the industry that leads the way with social media, with 83 per cent having a digital strategy, high above the 68 per cent in the Consumer & Retail sector.

Posted by April Revake.