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Survey finds Twitter promotes opinions

A survey has found that Twitter is becoming the last bastion of uninhibited speech about political issues compared with other forms of media.

The Australian reports Sentia Media's Media Monitors observed the feeling towards opposition leader Tony Abbott and prime minister Julia Gillard on the micro-blogging site as opposed to how they are viewed on radio and Newspoll surveys.

The results found that Tony Abbott has been better received on talkback radio and is quite unpopular on Twitter while the reverse is the case for the prime minister, although her approval on talkback has improved slightly.

The traditional conception that talkback callers are more conservative and Twitter posters are more left-leaning has certainly been reflected in this research, says Sentia Media's group communications manager, John Chalmers.

Although both media provide a sense of anonymity, and thus an opportunity for soap-boxing, Twitter conversations tend to be even more extreme or vitriolic – contrary to common perception – as it is not a moderated medium," Chalmers said to the News Limited publication.

The reason behind this trend, is that talkback radio especially is screened and therefore the more extreme opinions are cut off.

It comes as a blog discussed how social media can create bad customers which businesses can avoid if regulated appropriately.Because of the anonymity and the sheer numbers that use social media, it allows a lack of accountability mentality which affects the freedom with which they post.

Such an example of customers taking to the internet to vent are Twitter campaigns involving McDonald's where there is a hashtag dedicated to people venting their dislike for the fast food giant.

Juliet Barbara from Forbes says that social media can be an ally for business in terms of marketing, if utilised correctly.

"The key is building the right social strategy for your brand. It's not a "one size fits all" marketing solution. It has to be adopted in strategic, tailored ways," she said.

By Tim Wright