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Tablet computers growing in popularity, new survey confirms

Having a strong content marketing strategy is all about understanding your audience and the way they interact with your product.

That's why the results of a new study from Gartner into daily media activities on tablet computers might be of interest to anyone looking for a way to expand their company's online presence.

The study showed that more people than ever are now using portable devices to stay in the loop, with 81 per cent of respondents confirming that they use their tablet to check emails.

More than two thirds, 69 per cent, said that they use a tablet to read the news, while 62 per cent use their portable gadgets to visit social networking sites and post original content on services like Facebook and Twitter.

"The rapid adoption of media tablets is substantively changing how consumers access, create and share content," said Gartner's research vice president Carolina Milanesi earlier this week (July 3).

"The survey found that more than 50 per cent of media tablet owners prefer to read news, magazines and books on screen, rather than on paper. On average, one in three respondents used their media tablets to read a book, compared with 13 per cent for mobile PCs, and 7 per cent for mobile phones."

However Ms Milanesi also noted that people were not abandoning paper just yet, with many tablet users opting to continue exploring old-fashioned forms of media as well.

"We do not believe that the ‘paperless home’ will prevail, but it is clear that the ‘less-paper model’ is the new reality," said Ms Milanseni.

Last year British company DataWind released the Aakash, an Android-based tablet that was marketed as the cheapest in the world, allowing students in India to purchase tablet technology for the subsidised price of just US$35.

Combine that with the recent announcement of the Windows Surface, and continued competition between Google and Apple for marketplace dominance, it seems likely that tablet popularity will continue to grow.

Posted by Zak Wash