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Tablet take-up gathers pace

Tablets have been finding favour with consumers for some time now, but new figures show that the take-up of these devices is expanding much quicker than many had realised.

During the first half of this year alone, almost 2.3 million tablets were sold in Australia, which is nearly as many as for the whole of 2012, Telsyte reveals.

This means that by the end of June this year, there were seven million tablet users across the nation, suggesting that businesses can no longer ignore mobile devices as part of their content strategy.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Apple iPad remains the market leader, as 52 per cent of tablet owners have this type of device.

Android-based tablets are owned by 43 per cent of consumers, while just five per cent have products that run using Microsoft Windows.

However, this situation may not stay the same for long – Telsyte predicts that Android-based media tablets will achieve more sales per year in Australia by 2015.

"The market has become increasingly competitive, however, the iPad mini helped Apple retain market leadership in the first half of 2013," noted Telsyte managing director Foad Fadaghi.

Windows-based tablets may only have a small share of the market at present, but the group anticipates that their popularity will soon start to grow.

In fact, it believes that by 2017, approximately 20 per cent of all media tablets will be using the Windows operating system, which will largely be driven by business users.

As people's preference for mobile devices grows, the need for marketers to keep up with the latest trends has never been more urgent.

Optimising sites for use on tablets and smartphones is one of the steps that can be taken, while efforts also need to be made to ensure content is short, sharp and easily accessible.

Posted by Emma Furze