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Tailor your content to business professionals with LinkedIn’s Targeted Status Updates

If your business hasn't added LinkedIn to its content marketing strategy, then you're missing out on potentially hundreds and even thousands of professionals and decision makers who may be of huge value to your company.

LinkedIn holds the world's "largest audience of professionals" with more than 200 million members in over 200 countries and territories.

Four out of five LinkedIn members drive business decisions, making the website a platform for some of the most influential and affluent audiences on the web.

Businesses also have the ability to share fresh content to particular followers and groups thanks to the Targeted Status Update feature from LinkedIn.

This allows marketers to engage company followers with content that's "relevant and personalized to their interests", rather than sending out the same information for everyone to view.
This feature can help to "drive increased relevance and engagement", with Targeted Status Updates taking into account parameters such as company size, industry, job function, seniority, geography and non-company employees.

"With the proliferation of content on social platforms, you need to engage your best prospects and customers with content that’s tailored to their interests," LinkedIn's vice president of Marketing Nick Besbeas posted in the company blog on February 28.

Mr Besbeas announced that Hewlett-Packard (HP) had just achieved a major milestone, becoming the first company to attract one million followers on LinkedIn.

"LinkedIn has been critical for HP in successfully reaching and building relationships with our community of customers, partners and prospective employees," said vice president of Digital Marketing for HP Natalie Malaszenko.

"When they interact with HP’s LinkedIn community, their connections see it, too. From devices to the datacenter, nobody knows technology like HP. Through this platform HP shares information on our leading product solutions, and insights on the future of technology, to the world."

Drive engagement and results to your business with LinkedIn's Targeted Status Updates.

Posted by April Revake.