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Take a leaf out of Jay-Z’s book: Build hype for your launch on YouTube

In the digital age, staging your launch on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube has become the norm.

The whole aim of a launch is to introduce a new product or service to an audience, and what better way to do so than through social media and YouTube – the go-to places for millions of people around the world!

Online videos are fantastic for building hype around launches, as they can be easily shared and can delight the senses of sight and sound.

There's also the potential for videos to go viral – how many YouTube sensations can you name off the top of your head? Quite a few, right?

If your company is getting ready to launch something new, then make sure you refer to your social media strategy, and build hype with Facebook and Twitter campaigns, as well as YouTube videos.

Winner of 17 Grammys and one of hip-hop's most successful rappers, Jay-Z, used YouTube to launch his new partnership with Samsung.

Jay-Z's 12th solo studio album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, will be released on America's Independence Day (July 4). The new album will come to Samsung Galaxy fans first, with the first one million people to download the app getting the album for free – three days before the rest of the world.

The YouTube video, Inside 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' with JAY Z + Samsung, was released on June 16, revealing "never before seen footage" on the track's inspiration, as well as small snippets of songs.

Jay-Z's YouTube video was a huge success, with the inside look picking up over 23 million views (as of June 28) in just 12 days.

So take note – don't just launch new products through Facebook and Twitter, make use of your company YouTube account too! Videos can be easily shared on these platforms and create more compelling content.

Posted by April Revake.