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Take advantage of Twitter’s ‘most effective’ call to actions

The call to action is an important feature for any business to have in their blogs, feature articles and social media posts – your goal is always to get your reader to do something!

Whether that be to add a comment and post their opinion, share your article, image or infographic, or purchase the item or service you're writing about.

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest have useful call to action features, such as the retweet, share link and the pin it button.

Twitter Advertising identified in a May 14 blog post the top four most effective call to actions on Twitter. These were based on a study analysing 20,000 Promoted Tweets randomly sampled in a three-month period from 2012, across direct and mid-market sales.

The social platform said that it is the quality of your content, in how conversational, interesting and useful it is, that "ultimately determines" how engaged your followers will be.

The four calls to action that you will want to add to your Twitter campaigns in the future are: asking for a download, asking for a retweet, asking for a follow and finally asking for a reply.

'Retweet this!'

Give your followers a "clear, compelling" reason to retweet your messages, with Jennifer Romanek of Twitter Sales Intelligence posting that contests are a popular way to incentivise retweets.

You can also prompt users to retweet your message to show their agreement with a statement.

Ms Romanek added that the best performing Promoted Tweets were twice as likely to spell out the word 'Retweet', instead of just using RT, with well performing Tweets also containing their call to retweet at the beginning rather than at the end of a Tweet.

'Download me!'

Whenever you have new content available on your website – reports, white papers, infographics – make sure to promote downloading them through Twitter!

"Give people clear direction and incentive to click on the link you provide in a Tweet," Ms Romanek posted.

"Use hashtags and @handle mentions sparingly to keep clicks focused on one action: downloads. You can create a sense of urgency by including a deadline. "

Posted by April Revake.