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‘Taste graph’ technology to boost sales on eBay

Personalised ads are an exciting development within the online marketing sector and they also provide brands with a number of new direct sale opportunities.

And while there are some companies that are still unsure about buying and selling practices on the web, it seems that the majority are marching forward when it comes to the new type of retail.

eBay has long been known as a leader in the online marketplace with products spanning a number of niche consumer groups and buying demographics.

However, in a bid to attract more customers it has acquired, which will supply much-needed technology that is able to recommend products and services to shoppers.

Described as "an online platform … that delivers customised recommendations to its users based on their individual tastes" Hunch was first launched in 2009.

Its patented "taste graph" follows the online habits of users and with this data gains information about eBay members.

It also takes into account information from social media networks such as likes, who they follow, and other indicators or personal preferences when building user profiles.

"[Taste graph] uses signals from around the web to map members with their predicted affinity for products, services, other people, websites, or just about anything, and customises recommended topics for them," the company said in an official statement.

Mark Carges, chief technology officer and senior vice president of global product and marketplaces at eBay, said: "We are engaging consumers in innovative ways and attracting top technologists to shape the future of commerce."

"With Hunch, we're adding new capabilities to technologies to benefit eBay shoppers as they browse and buy, and to bring sellers on eBay new ways to connect the right products with the right customers."

Chris Dixon, a spokesperson for Hunch, said that all their employees would stay with the company when it moves to eBay.

Posted by Aimee McBride