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Teens adopt mobile voice search because ‘it’s the future’

As a child, no doubt you imagined the year 2014 would be dominated by flying cars and robots and other wild technology from the outer realms of your imagination.

Whatever your fantastic childhood vision for the future was, the predictions of teens today are much more grounded.

They don’t see the future as flying cars – they think it’s voice search.

A recent study by Google found that 89 percent of teens are using mobile voice search because “it’s the future”.

Other explanations for the features popularity are “it’s cool” and “it’s safer”.

Mobile voice control has been widely adopted by both young and old. The study revealed an impressive 55 percent of teenagers are using voice search, a clear step ahead of adults at 41 percent.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider the types of queries customers might search for and incorporate them into your content strategy.

Teenagers are unabashedly proud of the new technology, with 57 percent using it in front of friends. However, adults proved to be far more self-conscious, with only one in five using the features around others.

Mobile voice control has an array of uses. The study found 59 percent of teenagers use it to ensure they’re constantly entertained – using the feature in front of the television.

One in five adults find voice control to be a handy tool for cooking, while over one in five teens admit to using it in the bathroom.

The most popular uses for the feature are asking for directions, commanding calls and reading out texts.

One of the most popular voice control programs is Google Now, Google’s intelligent personal assistant.

Google Now, part of the Google mobile app, has been voted the best voice search by Stone Temple Consulting.

The company conducted a study measuring over 3,000 search queries on Google Now, Siri and Cortana.

The research found Google Now provides more relevant and complete answers, answering over 90 percent of queries correctly and in full.

If your brand is conducting content marketing, you should be aware of this new influx of voice searchers.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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