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Telstra heralds social media

Australia's largest telecommunications provider has revealed one of the secret to its social media strategy.

Telstra chief executive David Thodey explained yesterday (April 16) that the business employs a full-time staff of 60 to monitor social media every day.

Speaking at a Media Club lunch in Brisbane, Mr Thodey stated that platforms such as Facebook and Twitter were emerging as a valuable business tool, allowing the company to "play catch up" on customer relations.

"If someone says they are losing their cable or it has just gone down we can rectify it as quickly as possible," he said.

"If you can get ahead of that and say, 'no we are here, we'll talk to you,' [there is] enormous change in terms of customer reaction."

According to SmartCompany contributor Patrick Stafford, there is a lot small businesses could learn from Telstra's approach to social media – particularly its social media strategy.

"Twitter is an obvious choice for controlling your social media presence, but it’s one that many businesses often neglect," he wrote today (April 17).

Industry-based and company blogs was another useful tool highlighted by Mr Stafford, providing businesses with the opportunity to appear up-to-date and attentive.

Meanwhile, Telstra has also announced that it is venturing into another popular technology field – music streaming.

A three-year deal with US-based subscription music service MOG was signed today and will provide Australians with "access to ad-free, unlimited music on phones, tablets, computers and TVs with an internet connection for less than the price of a CD each month," according to Telstra’s executive director of media, applications and user experience JB Rousselot.

"The number of subscribers to mobile music streaming services is expected to approach 161 million worldwide by 2016 and Australians will become a part of the music revolution with this deal," he added.

Posted by Elise Ferrari