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3 knockout ways to improve your Twitter campaign

For many businesses, attracting the attention of social media users is not an easy task. Online consumers have become accustomed to being constantly bombarded with messages by advertisers, brands looking to stand out will need to create an innovative content marketing strategy – one designed specifically to reach their target audience.

To do so, here are some quick and easy ways to put your brand’s Twitter campaign ahead of the competition.

Add a photo or video to your post

Because a large proportion of social media users are now accessing their accounts over mobile devices, visual images are becoming increasingly important to capture the attention of users.

Twitter recently conducted a study looking into what type of content receives the highest level of engagement.

The site measured the engagement levels of tweets containing hashtags, links, photos, videos, and posts containing numbers or digits.

Unsurprisingly, posts that included photo’s received the highest level of engagement, and were 35 per cent more likely to be retweeted. The study also found posts including a video were 28 per cent more likely likely to be retweeted.

Use hashtags – but not too many

Adding a few hashtags to the end of your post is a great way to spark a conversation, increase your brands searchability and insert a bit of humour into your post.

It also increases the engagement levels of the post by 16 per cent – according to the Twitter study.

However, adding too many hashtags can actually reduce the effectiveness of your post. A recent study by Socialbakers found posts with only one or two hashtags received far more engagement than posts with three or more.

Get in on their conversations

Twitter is all about building a relationship with consumers in an open forum, and the best way to do this is by developing a brand voice.

The Vice President of Global Strategy at Twitter Joel Lunenfeld recently spoke at the 4A’s Transformation conference about how brands can speak to consumers.

Mr Lunenfeld said brands are expected to speak and interact with consumers through social media, reported Marketing Land. He suggested that since millions of users tweet about things to eat, brands could get in on these conversations.

Although social media marketing is far more than just attracting the attention of consumers, making these changes should help set your quality content apart from the rest.

Posted by Dylan Brown.