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The 8 rules of Content Marketing Club: Taking the lead from Tyler Durden

Welcome to Content Marketing Club.

The first rule of Content Marketing Club is you do not NOT talk about Content Marketing. That’s not a stutter. For content marketing to work, you need to get the word out.

Content marketing is, as we all know, about creating, sharing and promoting high-quality, relevant content that adds real value for your audience. Be vocal about your brand, provide useful information, and get it seen.

It’s no wonder that content marketing is becoming more popular than traditional marketing methods. While traditional marketing pushes products and services on to consumers, content marketing pulls them in. Think billboards and bus stop advertisements versus fact sheets and blog posts. One is all about the product, the other is about offering value.

The second rule of Content Marketing Club is: You do not NOT talk about Content Marketing!!

Did you not catch me the first time? Spread the word!! The greatest piece of content with no promotion does nothing for your brand.

UntitledTake search as an example. Publishing good quality, long-form content on your blog on a regular basis will satisfy the search criteria and ultimately will put you in good stead with Google and its spiders.

When your site is crawled and all of your content is found you will have much better chances of appearing in search results when your prospective customers are looking for a product or service just like yours.

But search is only one route to your audience. You should also be exploring other options to get it in front of more of the right people from email and sponsored social posts to social outreach and content distribution networks. Don’t put all your promotional eggs in one basket.


The third rule of Content Marketing Club is: If someone yells ‘stop’ or tries to tap out… the fight is NOT over.

Let’s be real here. Content Marketing is not a quick fix, nor is it likely to bring instant success. It requires time, effort and most of all: patience.

You will want to, at some point, yell “stop” and admit defeat.


An effective content marketing strategy takes a bit of trial and error, but most of all it takes a commitment to create and publish content on a consistent, regular basis. Keep plugging away, keep your content alive, and continue on to the next round. As this Moz slide deck shows, tapping out is the number one reason why content marketing fails.

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The fourth rule of Content Marketing Club is: It’s NEVER two guys to a fight…

Unlike illegal, underground, bare-knuckle boxing you’re up against more than one opponent at a time with content marketing. The key is to find a fight you can win.

For content to be worth creating it has to be better than the top search result when you Google your intended headline. With every vertical becoming increasingly crowded the fight can be lost before anyone has thrown a punch.

You need to look carefully at what’s out there already and decide how you’re going to do a better job. Maybe you’ve got a unique angle, more information, better sources. Whatever it is, never go into a fight unless you know you’re going to win.

The fifth rule of Content Marketing Club is: One strategy at a time, fellas

It might be tempting to just charge in and start churning out some content, share it through your social platforms and then sit back and hope for the best. But content marketing requires a more strategic approach. Specifically, it needs to be supported and managed by a well thought-out, properly-structured content strategy.

Spend time developing your strategy, keeping both your long-term and short-term goals in mind. Think about your brand and what plan of action will best suit the goals of your business. Think of it as a living document that can be updated and amended along your content marketing journey, to reflect your growth and areas of success.

This strategy will be the lifeblood of your content marketing process, so during its inception, it will require your undivided attention. Knock out your content strategy first before jumping into your first fight.

The sixth rule of Content Marketing Club is: The fights are bare knuckle

The gloves are off – it’s time to get down to business. This isn’t sparring – this is two guys slugging it out in basement (or at least the content marketing equivalent). Everyone is doing some kind of content marketing these days so the activity levels that would have got you ahead a couple of years ago are now just the price of entry.1

You need to be prepared to go further than your opponents, to find that edge that will become the difference between winning and losing.

Start by trawling through your data. Spend some time digging into Google Analytics to learn more about how your audience is engaging with your content. Do some topics, headlines or styles resonate better than others? Your email marketing platform will let you AB test to find the optimal subject line, layout and time to send.

Do your competitors have buyer personas or is their content strategy based purely on their instincts? Buyer personas can help you gain that all important advantage by helping you create better-targeted content that’s more likely to get you the outcome you want.

And what about that content strategy we mentioned earlier. Everyone will say they have a content strategy but is it written down? Is it shared with everyone – internally and externally – who needs to see it? Do you have an editorial brief to control the topics, tone and style of everything created to support that strategy. And how about an editorial policy to maintain consistently high standards?

The seventh rule of Content Marketing Club is: The fight will go on as long as it has to

Don’t give up! If you find yourself six months into your to your content marketing plan but you aren’t seeing massive success, DON’T GIVE UP. Content Marketing is a slow burn, it takes time to work its magic.

Rather than instant results, content marketing offers the opportunity to build solid customer relationships that will last more than one transaction. The production of helpful and useful content will draw customers in and show your brand as a thought leader in its field. As they move down the sales funnel their trust and loyalty will grow so that by the time they are ready to purchase they already have an established relationship with your brand.

This method will be far more effective than catching them with a one-off purchase and then completely losing their interest. So hang in there, keep up the good fight and reap the results for your determination.

The eighth rule of Content Marketing Club is: If this is your first time, you have to fight

If you haven’t yet joined the content marketing bandwagon, now is the time. Don’t just stand back and watch everyone else get all the glory when you could be getting the same results.

Content marketing could have all widespread benefits for your business that you’ve been waiting for… all you need to do is commit to the fight.

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