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The benefits of a news feed

If you've ever visited a website you'll no doubt have seen a news feed of some description offering the latest and greatest updates from around the web.

However, many of these feeds simply re-distribute existing press releases, blogs and research, failing to take advantage of the benefits of producing fresh content.

Here are just some of the reasons to invest in a custom news feed.

Fresh content and SEO

Search engines not only love unique content, they punish duplication – so if you're simply re-releasing content from elsewhere, you may find you slip in the search rankings.

Regular, fresh content shows that you not only have your finger on the pulse of your industry, but that you have your own spin on each issue.

Populating news stories with well-chosen keywords ensures that your custom news can contribute significantly to your overall SEO strategy.

Social media sharing

A custom news feed can easily be tied into your Facebook and Twitter campaign, meaning that followers can receive, read – and importantly – share updates.

By passing on your news to colleagues, friends and family members, your followers open up a whole new audience to your products and services.

As more and more people utilise social media platforms to share ideas, collaborate and communicate, the benefits of a well-implemented news feed are obvious.

Repeat visitors

A targeted custom news feed with breaking stories will identify you as an authority in your sector, meaning you can build a loyal audience of readers.

Encouraging people to revisit your site for daily news will also allow them to see any new goods or services that you may have on offer, particularly if you provide links to landing pages within the articles.

If you are keen to explore the benefits of having a custom news feed, please contact Castleford Media for more information.

Posted by Francis Finch