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The benefits of creating unique content

"Content is king."

It's a phrase that is used often in digital marketing to emphasise the importance of unique content to your online strategies.

Creating fresh content on a regular basis has a great number of advantages for anyone looking to boost their search engine rankings, whether you are a blogger, a small enterprise, a government organisation or a multinational conglomerate.

And while many people are often focused on the bottom line, the benefits of unique content go far beyond simple sales conversions (although this can be expected too!).

Let's have a look at some of the reasons to invest in content marketing strategies.


Building an authoritative voice on a subject is an excellent way of extending your customer base, and well-researched, original and interesting copy can really boost your reputation as an industry expert.

Engaging content not only encourages your readers to keep coming back to your site for more, it helps to generate trust and faith in your goods or services.

Avoiding duplicate content

While it may seem a good idea to just borrow interesting news stories or articles from wire services or other websites, this can have a devastating effect on your search rankings.

Duplicate content confuses search engines. Visitors to your site may be happy with articles – but Google is likely furrowing its digital brow at the masses of copy taken verbatim from elsewhere around the net.

Search engines don't like showing the same content twice, and will often try and track down the original to prioritise that – this spells bad news for your website. There could also be legal ramifications for those who fail to contact the copyright owners of the content.

Link building (the good kind)

Any digital marketer worth their salt will know that traditional link building tactics are being penalised with each successive search engine update.

In years gone by, spamming the online world with outbound and inbound links to and from your site was enough to befuddle Google into thinking your website was a global superstar.

Those days have gone, and now your search ranking will only benefit from really earning links from sites that have good domain authority – making interesting and innovative copy an essential part of modern SEO tactics.

Posted by Francis Finch