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The connection between technology and customer loyalty

It's no secret that social media is bringing companies closer to their consumers, with Facebook campaigns able to gauge responses from hundreds and thousands of people at one time.

If your company implements customer loyalty programs, then it's important that you're making use of a social media strategy to help with keeping regular communications.

According to a new report from Maritz Loyalty Marketing, communications play an "extremely significant role" in the member's program experience.

The 2013 Maritz Loyalty Report stated that a whopping nine out of ten members want to receive communications from the loyalty programs that they participate in, with satisfaction "tightly linked" to communication relevance.

"In other words, members who feel the program communications they receive are relevant are more satisfied with that program," the report says.

"This represents significant untapped potential for marketers, since only 53 per cent of consumers describe program communications they’re receiving as relevant."

Maritz adds that marketers who solve this predicament will differentiate themselves and strengthen the satisfaction and brand loyalty they have with their key customers.

It may be a good idea to create social media pages for your particular loyalty programs to help provide regular communications that are relevant to members.

This can be a hub for loyalty program updates, any new changes that have been implemented or to encourage relevant activities.

Using Twitter or Facebook for your loyalty programs may also help in getting useful feedback from participants, with members able to notify you of certain loopholes so that you can get them fixed promptly and ensure the smooth running of your program.

This can also save your company money on sending update pamphlets or paper newsletters, with Twitter and Facebook providing real-time updates to your customer loyalty program members.

Posted by April Revake.