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The hard-working internet by the numbers

If you’ve always imagined the internet as a complicated and unthinkably busy network of criss-crossing information – like the most extensive underground train system imaginable and then multiplied by a few million – you’re probably close to the mark.

But the latest statistics compiled by some keen number-crunchers at might surpass even your wildest guesses about just how busy the internet actually is.

In a mere 60 seconds there will be 700,000 Google queries, 168 million emails sent, and 98,000 tweets on Twitter worldwide.

That’s every single minute – half the time it takes to cook noodles. If we were looking at the number of Google queries in a whole day, the figure climbs to over one billion.

How many emails are sent around the world in a whole year then? That’s a question best asked of your calculator.

And people do a lot more with their internet time than simply search for information and contact friends or family. In fact, we download 13,000 iPhone apps, upload 6,600 pictures to photo-sharing site Flickr, and make 370,000 minutes of free calls using Skype every 60 seconds.

It is tempting to assume that the bulk of this enormous activity can be attributed to Generation Y and the so-called iGeneration – those born into an age of iPods, iPhones and iPads.

According to the Internet World Stats, there were 2,095,006,005 global internet users as of March 31st this year.