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The importance of getting your social media strategy ‘right’ for your company

Having some kind of social media strategy in place is becoming integral for many businesses around the world, regardless of what industry sector you operate in.

While it may be beneficial for your company to be active on social media with Twitter and Facebook campaigns, it's vital to remember that you must have some organised system in place to manage what content gets posted and to whom it is shared.

Recruiting experts Hays say that if you get your strategy "right", the rewards are great, but if you get it wrong, damage to your brand can be "significant".

"Engaging with the array of social media sites that potential jobseekers use gives organisations a means to boost and enhance their reputation as an employer of choice," said managing director of Hays in Australia Nick Deligiannis.

"And it is not just marketing and communications departments that need to put social media at the heart of their strategy. It is clear that for businesses to remain competitive, the HR function has to embrace it, too."

Mr Deligiannis adds that the "right strategy is harder to define", as one size definitely does not fit all, and risk is "often overlooked" when planning and resourcing a social media strategy.

According to a Hays Journal article, social media was ranked among the top five sources of risk to a business, in a survey with US executives.

Some potential problems that were identified by the research included the importance of protecting the employer brand, monitoring comments posted on social network sites by employees and the "constant investment needed" to keep up with progressive technology.

"Employers need a clear strategy on how they address social media and present their brand. It has to be part of an overall brand strategy and not a free-for-all," Mr Deligiannis said.

Content is king, according to Hays, and it must be "consistent, high quality and channel specific to add value and reflect well on a firm's brand.

"Just as social media has the power to support and drive an employee value proposition, badly handled it can completely undermine those efforts. And worse, the evidence remains online indefinitely," Mr Deligiannis concluded.

Posted by April Revake