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The importance of monitoring your social media pages

To bring success from your company's social media strategy, one of the most vital things you must do is monitor the pages.

Though this may sound easy enough, it's a task that isn't always done.

Retailers Just Jeans found themselves in a spot of trouble with their Facebook page after a person posed as a representative of the store and "toyed with users" for over 12 hours.

The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) reported the story today (January 9) with the hoaxer posting content and replying to comments that caused offence to customers.

This highlights how essential it is for companies to regularly monitor their social media accounts, as it's important to make sure that customer's queries are being answered and that any fake or spam content is removed from the page.

Just Jeans removed the hoaxer's comments and posted an apology for any upset it may have caused.

According to the SMH, the page hasn't been "visibly active" since December.

A page that is riddled with spam can be unattractive to followers and indicates that the company hasn't paid attention to it for some time.

It's vital to make your page appear as though it's up to date with the latest changes on the social media network, ensuring that new features are used (eg – uploading an image of the right size dimensions for a Facebook cover photo.)

As well as keeping an eye on the page regularly, it's also important to post at the very least, once a week.

The success of Facebook campaigns rely on interest and engagement, and if no content is posted on your company's social media page for days, you can expect your followers attention to whittle away.

It may become necessary for your company to create a role for a social media manager if you don't have one in place already, to make sure that the pages are looking at their best, concerns from customers are addressed and that fresh content is regularly posted.

Posted by April Revake.