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The outlook for social media marketing in 2013

To help ensure the success of your social media strategy and Facebook or Twitter campaigns, it's important to jump onto new changes or trends in the industry.

Adapting to these changes will help in advancing your company ahead of others when it comes to social media marketing, allowing for better engagement with followers and other users.

A brand new year brings a new batch of trends, so it's time you became familiar with what's ahead for 2013!

An infographic from TwinEngine, highlights what will "take flight" in social media marketing this year.

One trend that was identified is that social media marketing will become a "key initiative".

According to Winnie Hart and Lorrie Lee from TwinEngine the need for a social media marketing strategy becomes key as companies see the "importance of building brand equity through social media".

Engagement grows with social media marketing, where consumers use social platforms to interact with companies and share its content with their networks.

According to a report from Frost & Sullivan, almost 60 per cent of Australian companies that advertised online used Facebook also as an advertising platform to some degree.

Figures are expected to increase over the years as more businesses jump on board social media marketing.

Another trend identified by TwinEngine was the shift of search engine optimisation (SEO) – with a focus on more "good" online marketing.

"Businesses would do well to avoid tricks, focusing instead on people, behaviours, and what it really takes to do good online marketing," the TwinEngine authors posted.

The authors said that Google will reward marketers for following the "proper steps of SEO" that include producing quality content and using a variety of appropriate keywords.

Those with better SEO practices will have a better search rate with Google, making it essential to get your company's SEO up to scratch!

Posted by April Revake.