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The presidential debate and the Twittersphere

October 23rd was the third and final presidential debate, and regardless of your concern in American politics or your political persuasion, Twitter provided some amazing insights into the minds of voters and those around the world who are interested in who will occupy the chair behind the Resolute Desk come January.

One such insight provided by the micro-blogging site was that the most number of tweets was related to president Obama's comment"We also have fewer horses and bayonets",with over 100,000 posts regarding this statement. This was a quip regarding Mitt Romney's assertion that the US navy was smaller than it had ever been.

John Kerry, the Democratic nominee for the 2004 election, probably had one of the biggest hits of the night when he tweeted "I think POTUS just sank Romney's battleship", which received over 5,000 retweets. This shows just how Twitter campaigns with clever remarks, can resonate with the online community.

The debates themselves have seen slowdowns in popularity on Twitter, with over ten million tweets about the first debate, while only 6.5 million were recorded for the third during the debates.

Such is the power of social media in these election campaigns, Yahoo! reports  that the Romney campaign bought promoted tweet for the hashtag #horsesandbayonets, trying to minimise the damage it may do to his credibility.

Given that this final debate was about foreign policy, it's no surprise that that dominated conversations on Twitter, taking up 54 per cent of them which were talking about the debate. Climate change and other green issues took up the least amount of space, taking up just four per cent of the conversation, with some people questioning why there was no debate on the environment itself.