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Use of digital media spikes during London Olympic Games

The London Olympic Games will forever be remembered as the 'digital games' due to the rise in online usage during the event.

As April blogged on Monday (August 13), Twitter recorded record usage throughout the almost three-week summer event.

Following this pattern, Google has released its own reflections on the games with the list of the top search queries throughout the last 17 days.

The number of searches during the last two weeks far surpassed enquiries during the Beijing Olympics, which is an indicator of how far digital media has come in the last four years, according to Google's company blog.

The results reflected the high level of interest in particular athletes at key times during the games. For example, track and field-related searches in Jamaica rose by 40 per cent following Usain Bolt's record-breaking performance.

Bolt was not the only athlete who has enjoyed an increased interest in the search engine world. Searches for Japanese gymnast and first time gold medallist Kohej Uchimura increased by 420 per cent in his home country according to results published by Google, while queries about Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar leaped to 375 percent. 

Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps remained among the top athlete searched during the Olympics in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte was the driving force behind a 25 per cent increase in searches about swimming in America.

Digital media has also made it easier for people to experience the games from anywhere using live streaming on their computers, tablets and mobile phones, which have made the Olympics more accessible to viewers worldwide.

YouTube live stream from the NBC Olympics and the International Olympic Committee's YouTube channel made the games more accessible to a wider range of people around the world.

NBC Olympics recorded an increase in the number of live streams during this Olympics compared to the Beijing Games. There were more than 159 million total video streams and more than 64 million live streams across YouTube's online, mobile and tablet applications.

Overall, the use of digital media changed the way the Olympics was viewed all over the world and set the stage for an exciting impact on future international sporting events. 

Posted by Chloe Vaughan