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The value of company blogs for your business

Corporate blogging is the norm for many companies, keeping followers up to date with your business activities as well as providing a stream of fresh content for your website.

If your company has already taken advantage of a social media marketing strategy, employing the use of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, then you’re one part of the way through running a good strategy.

Company blogs are another initiative that you will want to take to help bring traffic back to your website and get people subscribing to your content.

Marketing writer and content marketing strategist Patricia Redsicker gave a host of reasons as to why business blogging is a “better marketing strategy” than Facebook in a Social Media Today article.

Redsicker noted that a company blog’s stability made it consistent and dependable, with Facebook often introducing changes that can make it hard to keep up.

Improvement to your SEO was also mentioned by Redsicker, “when done right”. She said that blogging improves your search ranking through inbound links and keyword optimisation.

The longevity of your posts is another reason to have a company blog, with all your articles having a long shelf life because they continue to be found in search for months, maybe even years, compared to Facebook updates only lasting a few days at most.

Your audience reach is also bigger, with your company blog able to connect with people through email, visits to your website and ALL social networks.

Redsicker states the number one reason why business blogging is better than Facebook is control.

You determine what your content is and how it gets posted to best reach your audience, and it’s not confined to the features and functions of Facebook.

Blogs can also help to build relationships with influencers and access their audience, according to an infographic from Informly.

Posted by April Revake.