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Cool visual content trends to watch this year

We were all taught not to judge a book by its cover, but whether you like to admit it or not, visual design has a strong impact on our decision making.

As with a book, visual design has great deal to do with content marketing.

Marketing is a form of storytelling, and whether you’re sharing the story of your brand, your product or your target audience, a good picture helps convey that message.

So regardless of how engaging or insightful your content is, if you slap a poorly chosen image at the top your article or ignore other important design elements, you’re going to be missing out on traffic.

In fact, simply adding a photo to your posts on Twitter gets an average of 18 per cent more clicks, 89 per cent more favourites, and 150 per cent more retweets, according to Bufferapp.

To give some insight into what photos work best, the popular stock photography provider Shutterstock recently revealed some of the creative trends set to take place in 2015.

Photographic trends in 2015

Due to the rising popularity of infographics, images with simplistic designs are on the rise, with searches for “line icon” increasing 921 per cent last year.

Twitter Shutterstock article 05.02.15Images with blurred backgrounds are also in this year, rising up 144 per cent in the last month. While they may not feature a specific topic, they are a useful way of conveying a mood.

Castleford Shutterstock Article 05.02.15

Another trending visual search is “top view”, which increased over the past year by 66 percent, as marketers are looking for more innovative and thought-provoking styles.

Coffee on wood

The technology takeover

Tech continues to thrive in the new year, with searches for photos about wearable technology rising 746 percent and the internet of things increasing 581 percent.

Searches for cultural technology fads also skyrocketed, with “selfie” rising 2,116 percent in the last year and “emoji” shooting up 581 percent.

Green is good in Australia

While technology dominates the US, and the UK is leaning more towards Architecture, Australians have been focused on the healthy eating buzz.

Clean eating is the most common visual trend In Australia, with searches for mindfulness, paleo, coconut oil, superfoods, green juice on the rise rising rapidly last year.

Making use of these trends will give your brand the opportunity to really get the message across this year.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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