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@theashes Twitter account bombarded by cricket fans

Ashes fever may have cooled a little here in Australia since the First Test ended in a disappointing draw, but for one Twitter user it's been all go.

A few days ago, Ashley Kerekes, from Massachusetts in the US, was certainly no cricket fan and didn't even know the Ashes was taking place, nevermind who was playing. That was until she started getting messages from fellow Twitter users, who got the wrong idea when they saw her Twitter name: @theashes.

What started out as a pretty major inconvenience for someone who was happily tweeting about childcare and knitting has now turned into an education about the game. In recent tweets she's been learning some of the cricket lingo and exchanging friendly banter with fans.

The confusion has also made Kerekes a minor celebrity and she has already given a number of TV interviews. "A big thanks to @LJLoch at Republic PR for stepping in and helping me out with interviews. This is so overwhelming," she tweeted last night.

The Twitter community started a hash tag campaign #gettheashestotheashes, which prompted Qantas to offer to fly her over to Australia for the Second Test. Vodafone and Ford have apparently got in on the act, keen to cash in on the publicity.

This is a nice little story for Kerekes who has had her 15 minutes of fame and might get a trip to Adelaide out of it all. It's also the latest example of social media driving the mainstream news agenda – much cheerier than some public official who should know better tweeting themselves into early retirement.