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Think smart when you’re Facebook friends with your boss

It's always a good idea to be wary about what you put up on social media, as you can never really anticipate where it may end up!

But in the case of having your boss as a Facebook friend, it would be wise to be extra careful about what statuses or photos you post up or even the pages you choose to like.

This month's Digital Diaries research from security software company AVG, surveyed over 4,000 people aged 18-25 to find out how they manage their social profiles and identify the point at which "professional and personal lives begin to blur".

One in eight of young professionals vented work-related frustrations online, with only 40 per cent having their privacy settings adjusted!

The global survey also found that an average of 25 per cent of all countries surveyed were Facebook friends with their boss. The USA and Italy were the highest ranking with 33 per cent of people friends with their employer on Facebook, followed by Australia on 31 per cent and Spain, UK and Czech Republic on 30 per cent.

Considering that the younger generation should be more 'web savvy', it is surprising that the research found that a large number of people didn't restrict their Facebook profiles, with Japan, Czech Republic, New Zealand, UK and Australia among the top five highest countries with unrestricted profiles.

With these research facts, it may be in order to offer some tips on being social smart on Facebook.

Review your privacy settings

Facebook is constantly changing with new developments and updates, so it may be worth checking your privacy settings to make sure everything is in place.

If your profile is currently public you may want to make some features such as photos, wall posts and likes private, so that people that you may not want to see – such as employers – cannot access this information.

Is your employer currently your friend? You can customise the settings to block certain posts, photos or features from your employer – so make good use of it!

THINK then post

Some people have fallen into the habit of just posting whatever comes to mind, but remember to think before you post as your words can make an impact.

Even if you delete your comment minutes later, it can still be traced back to you if someone had taken a screenshot – something that celebrities would know too well when having a Twitter outburst.

Posted by April Revake.