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This Week In Content Marketing: June 14

This Week In Content Marketing: June 14

Happy Friday, folks! Somehow another week has come and gone and that means it’s time for another Content Marketing Update from your friends at Castleford.

Let’s jump right in!

Introducing: The Google Webmaster Conference

Earlier this week, Google Webmasters officially announced the Webmaster Conference, a series of local events around the world that aim to bring top level webmaster-related content to areas of the world that might not typically have access to their own events.

Whether this is because Google doesn’t host events nearby or they can’t afford the travel. This conference sets out to ensure web creators have equal opportunity in Google Search, according to the Webmaster announcement.

The events are always free and cater to the audience where the series is being held. That means the content is accessible for every experience level and the talks are given in the local language.

TBD whether or not the series will be live-streamed but coordinators are trying their best to share the content online for any keen viewers!

Podcasts Featured In Search

In a big step for the audio world, founder and head of product for Google Podcasts, Zack Reneau-Wedeen announced that you’ll be able to search for and play podcasts directly in Google Search.

This feature goes beyond simply searching for the title or meta data of the podcasts. Because Google transcribes these podcasts the feature can also search for audio directly within the podcast show itself.

Podcast producers can finally get more visibility in search so if you’re one of them, this is your time to shine!

CORE Update Doubletake

Last week, we touched on Google’s Core Algorithm update but it didn’t officially complete until over the weekend on June 8. This was the first ever algorithm update announced in advance.

As far as updates go for Google, this one was pretty big. The algorithm changes immediately decreased the webpage visibility for many news sites. One of these sites – CCN – saw a 53.1% drop on desktop and 71.5% drop on mobile, forcing the site to shut down operations.

The cryptocurrency news outlet wasn’t the only site to see drops. Other publications like Coindesk and the UK’s Daily Mail experienced significant decreases in their visibility.

As a primer, Google’s search engine uses a “core algorithm” to crawl and maintain its rankings on search results pages. These updates aren’t rare, in fact, they happen around 500 times every year but more often than not they are miniscule modifications. However, every once in a while Google makes a major update and the effects can be massive – as evidenced with CCN.

A Search Console Tweak

Google is the star of the show this week in content marketing. A recent update to the Search Console performance overview report means that users will now see 90 days’ worth of data as the default. Previously, the reports only showed 28 days’ of information for the search results and discover bars, now the overview dashboard will present you with this extended data.

While this update isn’t necessarily earth-shattering it is a very useful modification. By opening the report page you can instantly see a quick visualisation of how changes in your site over time are impacting your Google performance.

That’s all for this week, make sure to visit us next Friday for all the best content marketing updates!

This Week In Content Marketing

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