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This Week in Content Marketing_ June 21

This Week in Content Marketing: June 21

In a week which saw Google snapped for allegedly scraping content and Facebook buried as the best platform for social ad buying, we cover the marketing world’s biggest stories!

LinkedIn gets a new wardrobe

The business-oriented social media platform unveiled a new look at the beginning of the week, trying to portray a warmer and more inclusive brand.

The changes included:

  • A slightly different logo.
  • New color palette
  • A custom developed font.
  • The addition of circle and rectangle designs across the platform.
  • Cartoon illustrations showing people connecting in the workplace.

Far from a sudden switch, this brand redevelopment was two years in the making, as part of a wider goal to make the platform more human-oriented and authentic for users. The changes will be rolled out incrementally across the platform in the coming weeks.

Google’s not-so Genius move

As the great artist Shaggy once said: ‘‘Honey came in and she caught me red-handed.’’ In a content marketing twist to the scandal, imagine ‘Honey’ is American digital media company Genius and the one allegedly caught red handed is Google.

Genius has accused the global giant of stealing music lyrics from their website without any attribution or payment for use in its own search results. Google immediately denied the claim, saying they license the use of authentic music lyrics from third-party sources.

However, Genius used a unique tactic to catch the search engine out red-handed – literally. Using alternating straight and curly quote marks in songs lyrics, Genius formed a morse code string that decoded to the word ‘red-handed’. The company used this code to demonstrate Google had taken content from their own website. You have to hand it to them for the ingenuity!

Google has launched an investigation to check if its third-party sources had scraped Genius’ lyrics.

Grab your 3D glasses for Google Ads

In better news for the search engine brand, Google will soon introduce a new display ad format called Swirl that allows users to interact with 3D objects.

Users will be able to rotate and zoom in and out of product  advertisements, allowing them to get closer than ever to products they may want to purchase. While the marketing material is optimised for mobile or tablet devices, content will still be interactively displayed on desktops too.

The Swirl ad display will become available towards the end of winter – so get those glasses ready!

Less is more with micro influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has undoubtedly become a go-to in the tool box for major global brands. However, you don’t have to have the budget for Kylie Jenner or Dwanye “The Rock” Johnson to have an impact. The Content Marketing Institute has pointed to the rising role of micro influencers – defined as an online personality with between 1,000 and 10,000 followers – in modern marketing.

These users, while reaching a smaller audience, tend to have a more engaged community of followers, which can help your business forge higher quality ongoing social media relationships.


Facebook Ads are dead – long live social ad buying!

Nearly three-quarters of the Australian population are active on social media, according to the We Are Digital 2019 report. There is clearly a huge advertising market here – and yet the buzz from recent US conference SMX Advanced is that Facebook advertising is on its last legs.

Susan Wenograd, vice-president of marketing strategy at digital firm Aimclear, said ’’Brands that cannot execute new strategies and be nimble on creative will not survive on Facebook.’’

Strong words indeed! But her event speech drew attention to the deluge of advertising material flooding the social media platform and how this volume is simply making users abandon ship. We are Social backs this assessment – despite that fact that 16 million Australians are within reach of Facebook ads, quarter-on-quarter reach growth has stagnated in the last twelve months.

Instead, advertisers need to come up with new, more creative advertising strategies to help them stand out from the crowd, or switch efforts to under-utilised platforms such as Pinterest.

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